Concrete repair can mean different things to different people. Some people may look at the cracks in their driveway and think “How can I get the cracks filled so they aren’t so noticeable?” Others may think of coating the entire driveway with a uniform topping. We do top concrete, but only concrete we have poured. If BST is going to repair your concrete… It’s going to get messy.

There are lots of guys that make a living out of topping existing concrete, and it does work so if that’s what you are after, don’t let me talk you out of it. There are a lot of reasons that go into this decision but the one that really matters is that we have built a reputation we are proud of and coating old concrete has too high of a failure rate. We only offer one type of coating that we consider the best in the industry, when we do coat concrete, and it is priced 3-4 times higher than the industry standard coatings.

If you call BST to repair your concrete we will be bringing the equipment to remove and replace. It’s going to be noisy, with jack hammers and a Bobcat working but we do make quick work of it and when we leave you get to set the concrete clock back to new.


Thank you for taking the time.

Jon Molden
Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete