What should I pay for a spa pad?

The aches and pains seem to get worse every year and the chiropractor just isn’t doing the trick like it used to. Looks like it’s time for a backyard spa. So where do I get one, what do these things cost, and what do I need to know?

First thing to do is pick out a spot in your yard and see how much room you have to work with. Once you know what will fit go to TucsonTubs.com to get an idea of what tickles your fancy. Once you’ve written down a few model numbers call Tucson Hot Tubs at (520) 303-7727 and check availability. Finally stop by the store at 2704 East 22nd street and purchase that perfect spa that will fit all of your needs and your space. The Staff is the best in the business… you won’t be disappointed.

Once you have a spa that will fit your needs go to https://www.tucsoncustomconcretecontractor.com/contact-us/ and get your spa pad estimate started. It’s an easy 3-part estimate:

1. Fill out the forms and upload pics of the site where your spa will go.

2. Click my calendar link and pick a time that works for your free over the phone estimate.

3. Answer the phone at the designated time and receive your estimate options. At that time if you want to see more you will receive an estimate in writing, sent to your email.

Once you have the written estimate all you have to do is confirm that you want to move forward, and Orville will be in touch to arrange an onsite estimate confirmation meeting. At that time you will sign a contract and secure your spot on the schedule with a deposit.

Your spa pads will vary in price depending on size but check out the Pic on this post for a typical 120 sq ft spa pad bid on this date 4/8/22.


Thank you for taking the time.


Jon Molden

Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete

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