Your wooden steps are starting to show their age and they just don’t feel as solid as they once did. You always knew one day you would like to replace them with poured concrete but have no idea of what something like that would cost. What can you expect to pay for concrete steps in Tucson AZ?

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that a set of steps costs much less in sunny AZ than in the frost belt. With no frost line to take into consideration the footing can be shallow and usually poured monolithically which costs considerably less than digging a six foot deep hole and constructing a footing and block wall for your stairs to sit on.

So now for the bad news. A set of steps is not something you want to trust to just any unlicensed Contractor you find on craigslist. The set up and finishing of steps requires an experienced craftsman to get right. The setup is time consuming and you only get one shot at getting the finish right as you strip the forms off…Timing is everything.

I have more good news though. If you hire a reputable company, you most likely won’t have to pay to have the steps done again in your lifetime. It’s a once and done deal so don’t look for the lowest price in town. Bite the bullet and find a Contractor known for standing behind their work and doing it right the first time.

Steps are normally priced per linear foot of face. The price varies but for a brand new 3 step scenario with a 4′ wide landing and small monolithic footing you can expect to to pay at least $260 per linear foot of step face. (3 steps x 4’ea = 12′ lin feet x $260 = $3120). For much larger sets of new steps, you may pay as little as $180 per lin foot. If removal of old concrete steps is needed the price can easily double .


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Jon Molden
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