You wouldn’t normally be the type to finance a concrete project. You research the price, save money for however long it takes and pay for it once you have the money. That’s the same way I like to do things or at least it used to be… Watching prices soar with the inflation has made me change my tune a bit. I financed a Bobcat loader with attachments, a trailer and a pickup this year.

Maybe I’m wrong but the way it looks to me the interest and price I am locked into on this is going to stage me way ahead of a guy financing the same equipment a year from now. Is your concrete project something you can look at the same way. Should you consider financing a portion of the project before the dollar takes another hit? Should we be turning the dollars we do have into hard assets while they are still worth having?

Only you can answer that question. BST doesn’t directly lend money but financing is available through the Joist app we use. Just click the financing link and follow the instructions. If you don’t see the financing button let me know so I can make sure it is turned on.


Thank you
Jon Molden
BST Concrete