We are invited to bid on a lot of commercial projects and at this time only about 10% of our total revenue is earned through commercial work. Honestly though, that is about as much as we want to take on. We don’t mind getting down and dirty on a commercial site once in a while but our passion is working directly with Home Owners.

If you are looking to partner with us on commercial projects here is our list of 5 non-negotiables:

  1. We write all Contracts for the work to be done. We will never sign a Contract I haven’t personally written. We will sign lien releases at the appropriate times though.
  2. We Never accept 30-45 day payment terms.
  3. We develop the payment schedule to be followed. Both parties will agree to it before signing. Work will only continue if the schedule is honored.
  4. We spell out the scope of work to be completed. Before signing the details will be ironed out by both parties. Work outside of that scope will require a change order (written by BST) to complete.
  5. We are an S-Corp. I can provide a W-9 and proof of all insurance you require so please don’t treat us like Chuck in a truck. We have spent a lot of time and money to become the finely tuned, well oiled machine we now are and we are all very proud of it.

I look forward to making your life easier

Jon Molden
BST Concrete
ROC 278018