The look and feel of a concrete countertop is like none other. The  raw industrial feel can only come from the hands of a true craftsman, skilled in their trade. It is the type of thing you either love or hate and you happen to love it! So who can you trust to install your concrete countertops? Does BST install concrete countertops in Tucson?

Well we do but only outside of your home. We will install concrete countertops for an outdoor kitchen or bar but we have chosen not to take it indoors. When working with new construction what we prefer is that the masonry base be in place before we arrive to do our work. Any tile or stucco work should be done after we have the top installed. We can help to bring an old bar back to life as well. We will most likely choose to demolish your old top and start over. Just send pics so we can come up with a plan.

Concrete counter top usually costs between $75-$125 per sq ft to install depending on the complexity of the set up and the finish desired.

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Thank you for taking the time
Jon Molden
BST Concrete