We get several phone calls every week asking about Concrete coatings or overlays as we call them. Of those a fairly high percentage are looking for a stamped texture with various colors. Most people have seen something online or at a friend’s house and are curious what the price would be. So Does BST offer stamped overlays?

The answer is no. We do not offer stamped overlays. The only coating system we still offer is the Graniflex 5 layer. That is shown in the concrete coatings section of the website. https://www.tucsoncustomconcretecontractor.com/services/textured-finished-concrete-coatings/  We do however offer fresh stamped concrete.

Fresh stamped concrete is done at the time of pouring. A stamp is pounded into the surface of the slab at just the right time to imprint the desired texture. The benefit of  fresh stamping vs overlay stamping is the depth the stamp can penetrate. This creates a more dynamic look. Check out the concrete finishes we do offer


If your heart is set on a stamped overlay we recommend you contact Matt at Hastings Coatings (520)270-9861.


Thank you for taking a look
Jon Molden
BST Concrete