Concrete finishes offered by BST Concrete

It’s time for new concrete. It’s a pretty permanent endeavor. Before hiring a Contractor, to put it in place, it may be a good idea to look at the options. If you get your estimates from BST you will have the choice between a Pristine grade, Standard grade or Specialty finish. Here is an explanation of the most popular finishes we offer. Color can be added to any of them. Thank you for taking a look.



Available with your Pristine finish grade. This is a finish performed with a trowel on knee boards. A small amount of texture is left by holding the trowel flat and using a rotating swipe in random directions. This is our most frequently performed finish. It is considered a non-slip Surface. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.










Available with standard grade finish for patios, sidewalk, driveways, steps, garage floors, etc. This is the most common finish on the planet. Once the concrete has been tooled and has a firm set the surface is troweled to bring up moisture and then quickly broomed while moisture is still present. All municipal sidewalks have a broom finish for slip resistance. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.













Available with Pristine Grade finish. The squares tooled into your patio or driveway can be broomed in alternating directions creating a checkerboard look. This is done on knee boards making it more labor intensive than a straight broom finish. Although impressive when first finished in late day light, the effect fades significantly once the concrete is cured. Looks great if future staining is desired. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.









Available with pristine grade finish on building foundations. This is the most common concrete finish for foundations. It can be troweled by hand in several passes until a desired slick finish is achieved. A power trowel is often used for large surfaces. Smooth, slick surface not meant for outdoor applications. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.










Specialty finish requiring a specialty bid and mix. Once the surface is troweled to a smooth finish a powder or liquid release agent is sprayed on and a stamp is pounded into the surface. We offer the Roman Slate texture displayed here. Many different options are available for two –tone color scheme. This one can be slippery with two standard coats of sealer.










Specialty Finish. To accomplish this finish a section of the slab is first bought to a random sweat. Ice cream salt is then cast out onto the surface and pounded in with a trowel. Non slip surface. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.














Specialty finish. A special mix is required. The concrete is troweled to a firm, fairly smooth finish. A retarder or etch is sprayed on the surface to keep top layer from setting. The top is washed away to reveal the rocks below once the concrete sets up. Non slip surface not recommended for areas with bare foot traffic. To add color go to and pick colors for pricing.