You need to raise your cement block wall one layer and it’s time to punch your inquiry into the search bar. What do you type in and who is truly qualified to do the work? You have heard good things about BST but does BST even lay block?

When looking for a company that is qualified to lay block or brick the term you are looking for is often used incorrectly by the big Contractor/Homeowner pairing websites. They all seem to fail to differentiate  Masons and Concrete Contractors. They often have the catagory labeled Concrete/Masonry even though AZ state licensing is totally different from one to the other.

When you punch Masonry Contractor or Block Mason into the search engine BST sometimes pops up but… We absolutely 100% do not lay block. Not even a little. We tried years ago and we were terrible at it. The other problem is that we would be operating outside of our proper scope when it comes to licensing.

If you need a good Mason who can lay stone or anything else call Peter at Austen’s Masonry (520)400-1651. If you are looking to lay standard block or brick call Mike at Cline Masonry (520)940-4571.


Thank you for taking the time
Jon Molden
BST Concrete