It took weeks and plenty of frustration but you did it! Through numerous messages left, broken promises and a few disconnected numbers you managed to get three estimates… The prices, detail and overall vibe vary quite a bit. You have a big decision to make.

When the work is done and it’s time to cut the last check how will you know you hired the right Concrete Contractor? Which one of your three or more estimates is going to be the right one?

It’s usually pretty easy to pick who the wrong Contractors are. You may have already dismissed them by now. They have an open schedule and seem too eager to get started (desperate), have a chaotic process or no process what so ever, come across as untrustworthy in person or have some other issue that makes them a deal breaker.

Now you are left with the cream of the crop. Three bids you are comfortable with. The reviews are good, their licensing checks out and they have been in business for more than five years. What on earth would ever sway you to hire the second most or even the most expensive of the three? Maybe you had a good friend that told you they were worth the money? Normally though it boils down to what you don’t see…

Maybe you get the feeling the lowest bid will come in higher upon completion because the bid is too vague or the scope of work doesn’t quite seem complete? Perhaps you don’t see any landscape restoration included and you don’t want to have to hire someone to clean up after the concrete is done or do it yourself? Maybe you’ve heard horror stories from friends and don’t feel comfortable with the lack of warranty information included in the paperwork? So what is different about BST?

The estimate you get from BST will put your mind at ease. Unless you add onto your job, chances are, you won’t pay more than the estimate. Since 2011 I can count the jobs on one hand that were billed more than the original bid at time of final payment.

We spell out the job in a complete scope of work. As a home owner you will have a total understanding of what is included. For our guys in the field it provides the clarity they need to produce an amazing experience for you.

Restoration of  landscape we disturb is always included in the bid at BST. Mike is the master when it comes to making sure your yard looks better than when we got there. All you need to do is enjoy your new concrete.

As far as warranty goes BST includes, in writing, a minimum of 2 years on every job we bid. We will never shy away from a warranty issue. We have procedures in place to process your warranty in a timely manner and we take pride in standing behind our work. Check out the blog for more Warranty information.

We all have to make choices for our own household. I am not going to twist your arm. We have a low pressure sales process because I can’t stand pushy sales people. I am the entire sales team here so if you feel the same way I’ve got you covered. Once you are scheduled however you will not feel neglected. We let you know what time we are going to be there and keep you updated on the schedule almost to the point of being annoying with it.

We know our numbers and we know what it takes to give you the 5 star experience you deserve. I look forward to being your Concrete Contractor in Tucson.


Thank you for reading

Jon Molden

BST Concrete