You are going to pay quite a bit to have your Tucson concrete project completed. Make sure you know what is and is not included in your estimate. The lowest bidder runs a business geared toward ultimate efficiency and fitting as many jobs as possible into each week in order to come out in the black. You may love the price but many times the details lose importance, especially  when it comes to your landscape.

At BST we like to slow things down a bit and make sure your experience is worthy of a 5 star review. That is why we pledge to keep the site safe throughout the process, clean up daily and restore the landscape to the same condition or better than when we arrived.

Don’t waste your time or money fixing your landscape once the concrete is poured. We leave the job looking like we were never there. BST is the best when it comes to clean up. All you need to do is enjoy.


Thank you for reading

Jon Molden

BST Concrete