Every day at the crack of dawn … the old black Chevy stretches and yawns. Orville loads the equipment up and hits the road with his coffee cup

From there on out the day gets loud… jack hammer, generator, concrete saw. Heavy lifting heroes with a will to win… never need a membership to the Gym.


Mike on the loader, Wesner on a rake, Roman tossing gravel all over the place. We level it out and pack it twice…  The bottom of your patio will look really nice.


Rebar is in and we’re ready for crete..  but first we make sure the set up is sweet.

Double check, triple check, check it some more… Your options are over once the concrete is poured.


Concrete goes down before the day’s first light to make sure the finishing isn’t a fight. Plenty of help and a plethora of skill… it goes down fast as the forms all get filled.

Time gets away once the finishing starts. It’s not just a job it’s a  passion.. it’s art! Pull off the forms and finish the sides put the rock back and tidy the site.


Clean up the tools and put them away. Take one more look before driving away. Happy to serve and proud of our trade give us a call for your concrete project today.

Thank you for reading

Jon Molden

BST Concrete