How can I submit a video testimonial and spread the word about BST Concrete?

We will be working on your project soon. We encourage you to watch how the  guys work and think about giving us a grade once the job is complete. Most people grade us by leaving a review on Google or Angies list but if you are among the brave maybe a video testimonial, that will be posted on our website, is in order? I hear from a lot of people about the trouble they have finding quality help so if we impress you please help spread the word to others. It only takes a minute.

You will be asked 3 questions on camera by your foreman.

Here are the three questions so you have time to prepare:

  1. How does the overall job compare to your expectations?
  2. What one area, if any, does BST Concrete excel at?
  3. Would you recommend BST Concrete to a friend?


If we did your job a while ago you can shoot your own video answering the 3 questions with your phone. Then send your video to me via text or email and I’ll pass it onto Curt to post.

Thank You for taking the time and being brave enough to make a difference!

Jon Molden

BST Concrete