How long should I wait before walking on my new concrete?
It is normally safe to walk on your concrete the morning after it is poured as long as you don’t twist your feet. It may be best to wait until the following afternoon or longer if temps are below 60 degrees fahrenheit.

How long should I keep my dog off my new concrete?
Your dog’s nails can do a lot of damage to fresh concrete. It is best to keep heavy dogs off for a minimum of 48 hour after finishing is complete. Little dogs can do damage if they are diggers but should be fine to walk on it the afternoon after it is poured.

How long should I wait before driving on my new concrete driveway?
At an average Tucson AZ summer temp 1 week-10 days is sufficient for passenger vehicles with a 4000 psi mix. In cooler winter weather 10-14 days may be required. Watch the color and once it evens out you will have no problems. Add 3 days to either for a 3000 psi mix.

How long should I wait before building on my concrete pad?
I’ve seen framers on the pad before I could even finish saw cutting control joints into it the morning after pouring. That is too early. They could easily break an edge off. Many builders would disagree but my opinion is that a 4000 psi concrete should not be built on for 1 week. 10 days for a 3000 psi mix.

How long Should I wait before placing my spa?
For a small or large spa being placed on a fully reinforced 4000 psi concrete slab one week to 10 days is sufficient. If you are placing a spa on a partially reinforced 3000 psi slab 10-14 days should be enough. Add 3 days to either if the temps are below 60 degrees fahrenheit for a high.

How long does it take for my 4” concrete to cure?
A straight cement concrete mix will cure in approximately 28 days. With the additives required to pour in the AZ heat your concrete can take up to 56 days to fully cure. The majority of the strength required will be obtained in the first week.

How long will it be before my concrete color will stop changing?
Your color will change until the concrete is cured. This normally happens within the first 28 days but can take up to 56.

Do I need to wet my new concrete down

Here is a blog article that will help

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