There is something new on most of the estimates that go out from BST now. I’m sure if you received one you are probably wondering “what the heck is this Gator bar?”… I know, It sounds like some gimmicky product that helps justify a higher price but in all honesty it’s acually pretty cool.

First of all it’s as light as a feather. The guys love that they can carry 50 pieces at a time and it isn’t nearly as hard on the body. We can load the trailer with way more product without going over weight and it’s super easy to cut comparing to steel. “So big deal, it’s light… sounds like junk to me!”

Not so fast.. #3 Gator bar actually has a higher tensile strenth than a #4 rebar. The shear isn’t quite as high but that’s not bad either. It also chemically bonds with the concrete making the mechanical bond of rebar if anything… inferior.

So It’s good stuff but I still don’t see how it’s all that much better than good old American steel? Gator bar is made in the upper peninsula of Michigan right here in the good ol’ USA.

“That’s awesome! sign me up”.. Just one more thing I think is important, especially if you have a sprinkler system or are putting in a pool deck. All concrete cracks. Sometimes it cracks where we want and sometimes it cracks where we don’t but in the end it all cracks. Once it cracks water can get in and start to rust the rebar. It will take many years but eventually that steel may delaminate from your concrete or rust completely off. Gator bar is waterproof. Concrete is considered a 30 year product but it will last well beyond that with Gator bar. If you would like to see a sample stop by Border Product near Miracle Mile and the freeway or hire us and we’ll bring enough with to make your project awesome!


Thank you for taking a look
Jon Molden
BST Concrete