You are responsible with your money. You never make irrational decisions. You take your time and get it right. That’s really smart of you. You are doing your due diligence and getting multiple bids to compare. You are checking the AZROC website to make sure you know for sure who is licensed. You are asking the right questions. What else can you possibly do to make sure you aren’t going to regret who you hire for this project? It’s a great idea to do all the things above and more but do you even have the slightest idea what something like this will cost? You are going to put a lot of energy into this. Maybe your first step should include spending some time reading the BST Concrete blog to soak up as much info as possible. It will blow you away when you receive your 2 written bids from BST and realize just how many options you never knew you needed to consider. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Will I be living here long or short term?
2. Is a concrete warranty important to me?
3. Will I have more concrete projects in the future?
4. Am I ready to do this right now?
5. Have I made sure I will get apples to apples bids?

With the pandemic upon us I’m sure there are plenty of companies giving over the phone estimates right now. Take advantage of that to first set a target budget and then narrow or expand your scope of work to fit your needs. If you have future projects coming up let your Contractor know. They will understand you are looking for someone to build a professional relationship with and that is important. They also need to approach your project with the understanding that the logistics of two or more future sites may need to jibe. Draw a plan of what you are actually looking to do. You don’t have to get super detailed at first but at least have something spelled out to get your initial bids. Take pictures of the site and use google earth if possible. Taking just a little time up front can really help in the long run. Even better… contact us first. We have been running free over the phone estimates for years. Once you have received our estimates you will have a true comprehensive plan and a spelled out scope of work to share and compare with other Contractors. We certainly won’t be the lowest price you can find but the value we provide is second to none.

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Jon Molden
Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete