You know it’s time to make a move… you plan to stay in the house for at least 10 more years and you are done dealing with the washouts on your driveway every time it rains. It seems like the choices come down to pavers, asphalt or a concrete driveway. You know which one you want but can you afford it?

Let’s just take a look at that driveway in 10 years when it’s time to move. What condition will each of these three materials be in?

Asphalt Driveway

Let’s start by looking at the Asphalt option. It is the most affordable of the three and very tempting if long term thinking is not implemented.

Asphalt is a widely used material. Parking lots, streets, runways and driveways have been made with the black stuff for decades. When a proper base is put down, concrete curb and gutter surround it and asphalt of the proper density is layered in an appropriate way this stuff can be pretty awesome. Unfortunately if you were to prep and place your driveway like a state highway it would be the most expensive option. Your driveway will receive minimal ground prep and one lift of asphalt. This will mean maintenance to keep it looking good. At the 10 year point you will be coating your Tucson Driveway on a regular basis. Each time you coat it the price you paid goes up and your potential buyer is going to have to keep the maintenance program going for the next 5-10 years when the driveway will need to be replaced.

Paver Driveway

Pavers look nice. In time the color will fade though so just go a shade darker than what catches your eye. In Arizona some companies are installing pavers for less than concrete. In the frozen Midwest pavers are the most expensive of the 3 options for one reason alone… they are literally only as good as the base they sit on… which is often concrete. Arizona doesn’t have a harsh winter with ground movement like the Midwest but the base is still very important. How many times have you seen paver work with sunken areas? How about obvious dips in a paver driveway where vehicles have been driving?  These are issues with the base. What will your paver driveway look like in 10 years? Will it help to sell the property or hinder it?

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is your most expensive option in AZ. The price you will pay for a concrete driveway can vary dramatically depending on the specifications.  A high psi concrete with proper reinforcing will last for 50 years but it’s gonna cost you. One of the most appealing aspects is  the maintenance for a regular gray concrete driveway? There is literally no maintenance what so ever required. Concrete will crack but with rebar in place the cracks will stay very tight. At the 10 year mark the driveway will be in it’s youth comparing to asphalt. Is this the selling point that will bring that top dollar you are looking for? Maybe the question should be… CAN I AFFORD NOT TO HAVE A CONCRETE DRIVEWAY?