It’s a big deal. This is the concrete foundation your home is going to rest on for the next hundred years. You think of yourself as a penny pincher but this is important. How much should you pay? What are the big questions you need to ask yourself and your concrete Contractor?

I get a lot of phone calls every year from people who have had a foundation installed by another Contractor. They are just seeking my opinion because they think something is wrong. Most are asking if the cracking in their new foundation is normal. Honestly, most people, concerned enough to call me, have large cracks that are definitely not right. I give my opinion and never hear from them again for the most part. Some ask if the finish, that was supposed to be the flooring in their home, looks normal and others ask if it is normal for the house to hang off the foundation in opposite corners or at various jogs.

I can’t say these things are not normal industry wide. They are definitely not right but with the lowest bid mentality they are far too common. Just letting your Contractor or crew know you would like all the measurements double checked and communicating to every crew member that the floor needs to be finish grade will increase your chances of success. Be involved daily if you can. Let everyone know you are watching. Before that get your bids from the best Contractors in Tucson. They are listed in our Blog.
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Too often the concrete foundation of your home is provided by the lowest bidder. The lowest bidder has to get in and out very quickly in order to be profitable. The details lose importance and the quality sometimes suffers. This is evident as soon as you open the garage door in most new neighborhoods. As a Minnesota Finisher I was baffled when I first noticed a broom finish in a garage as opposed to a smooth finish you can sweep and rinse out with a hose.

We would love to provide you with a rock solid concrete foundation that you can trust for the life of your home. The approach we take at BST is a little different than most companies. We don’t believe the foundation of your home should be rushed in order to compete with the lowest bid. We allow ample time for our team to get everything right the first time.

With that comes a higher price tag. We set a cap price not to exceed before starting. For most homes that cap price will not be less than $30 per sq ft. The job will be costed daily, you may pay far less, but not more than the agreed to cap in the end. Contact us for details.

Thank you for taking the time and good luck with your Arizona Concrete Foundation.

Jon Molden