You punched concrete contractors in Tucson, AZ into your search engine, and wow! Hundreds of options loom as you read reviews until midnight. So how do you narrow them down? I can help. I have only been a Concrete Contractor in Tucson since 2011 but in that time I have seen a lot of companies rise and fall.

So why would I be a trusting guide in your journey to find the right Contractor? Well I belong to several private concrete community Facebook forums, I am constantly paying attention to the industry and I chat with past prospects (potential customers) to see how things turned out with their project. In short, I am immersed in the subject you are researching almost every day of the year. I’ve noticed the patterns and I feel it a duty to help Tucson make the right choice. So without further ado…..


The Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete Construction LLC



 In no particular order:

Zona Concrete

The Award-winning team at Zona leaves smiles for miles. Always in the limelight for the numerous awards they have received, Zona hasn’t forgotten the city that pays the bills. Mack has a charitable heart that often pays it back in big ways. Did I mention they do beautiful work? (520) 495-4919


Optimum Concrete

From what I’ve seen these guys care enough to keep learning, growing, and kicking some serious butt in the Tucson Market. The leadership in Optimum is often active on Facebook forums, learning from peers, and staying current on the latest technology. From what potential Customers have told me a good number of the Crew came from the legendary Carson Concrete Crew when it left the scene. Definite street cred there. (520) 325-0557


D & B Rodriguez Concrete

I was in a backyard not long ago and I couldn’t help but notice how nice the Concrete work looked. I thought one of the guys was moonlighting for a second. I couldn’t resist and I had to ask who did it. I should have known it was Daniel. He is one of the finest finishers in the business. He has partnered with us in the past and really impressed me with his abilities. If craftsmanship is important to you give him a shout. (520) 400-7992


Save yourself the headache and get your bids from the best.


Jon Molden

Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete

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