This is an exciting time. It’s time to make your property look like “your” property. You have a definite look in mind and anything short will not suffice. After much painstaking research you have decided to use concrete pavers in your new hardscape. Now it’s time to pick a Contractor. Does BST Concrete Install pavers?

We have many calls every week requesting paver installation so let me explain our paver policy. We do not take on paver only jobs at this time. We will lay pavers if they are only a small part of a larger concrete project but not a project consisting of pavers alone. We never ever lay pavers in the main area of travel for driveways though, even if they are just a small part. So the short answer is no we don’t. We stick to what we are the best at.

So who does install pavers? I’m sure there probably are some other concrete contractors doing it but when I think of laying pavers or stone my mind always goes to Masons or block/brick layers. Find a Tucson material supplier that sells block and pavers and get recommendations or use social media to ask the community. Take your time and find the right professional for the job. A Mason’s license is different than a concrete contractor just so you know. Make sure they are licensed with the state for your protection.


Thank you for taking a look
Jon Molden
BST Concrete