You may have seen it on tv, at a friend’s house or in a restaurant. It spoke to you and ever since there can be no other option for your Livingroom floor. Now for the hard part…. Finding the right installer. Where to begin? Does BST stain concrete?

This may be one of the most frequent requests we get. Acid staining is a very popular flooring option in Tucson. The rustic beauty seems to blend well with the Southwestern Decore and earth tone heavy color pallet so indicative of this region. The problem with the perfectionist in me is that rustic is imperfect … way too imperfect for BST Concrete to offer.

We actually have acid stained many projects and have had many pleased customers in the past but it made me nervous every time I did the final walk through and looked at the wide range of reaction the acid had to the minerals in the concrete. I could always find one or two areas that looked just right to me but the rest never measured up. We like product we can be in complete control of and can offer a warranty on.

If you need Staining work done call Matt at Hastings Coatings (520) 270-9861.

Thank you
Jon Molden
BST Concrete