I’m not sure how you are wired but when I think about flooring the first several things that come to mind are carpet, tile, hardwood or vinyl. A lot of time can go into picking materials… deciding color and texture of carpet, tile grade and layout, hardwood width, finish and grade… it’s no joke and then you have all that time to install and coordinate crews, not to mention the mess and waste you have to deal with. There is nothing wrong with traditional flooring but what if it was just a little easier?

What if your flooring could be 90% complete before you even start to build the house? Color code concrete may be right for you. Bare concrete flooring doesn’t have to have a cold industrial feel. Joints can be cut and grouted to emulate tile and stained accents can give a one of a kind touch. Area rugs will break up the pattern and color can be added to the mix prior to placing to warm things up. The cost compared to tile will be nominal and your options are wide open. You can choose from a large variety of colors and if you get tired of the look carpet or tile can be installed, down the road, just the same as regular concrete. Like the hardwood of yesteryear a future home owner may peel back the carpet and exclaim “We have a color code floors!”

Jon Molden
Go to: https://www.daviscolors.com/ for floor color options