Concrete work has provided for my Father’s family, my brother’s family and my family. It is a wonderful struggle. Like with any small business things aren’t always roses, but I love what I do.

For most of this journey I have been right there finishing concrete alongside the team. It fulfilled my dreams but not my bank account. I had to get out of the field. The last three years I have become a student of the numbers. The realization I’ve come to is astonishing!

It is painfully clear why I myself was near bankruptcy in 2016-17 and why so many of our competitors have changed their company name over the years. We used to blindly follow the leader matching the other guy’s price and hoping the accountant would give us good news from time to time. Stupid… Every one of our jobs is now analyzed within hours of completion so the evidence is crystal clear.

What I have learned is that this industry is self-destructive. We have all heard of the “Going rate”… Unfortunately if I were to charge the going rate like I experimented with in 2016 for a short time I would also have a different company name, all the warranties I promised would be worthless and all of our loyal customers would be quite confused.

I really do wish the going rate was realistic for the service we provide… it just isn’t. And I’m not about to start cutting corners and paying people less than they are worth. It wouldn’t reflect what we have worked so hard to build and I would feel like a fraud.


Rest assured when you receive an estimate from BST it is not on a hope and a prayer. Concrete is forever… Do it right the first time with BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS

Thank you Tucson AZ for recognizing the value we provide! You Rock!!