You picked from a good group of Contractors. You didn’t go with the lowest bid. You read more reviews than you have ever read before and you had a really good experience with your concrete crew. All seemed perfect until the first rain…. Oh no! On your first step out the door is a puddle. Is this normal? Does it matter?

In the Midwest a builder’s level is a critical tool in a Finisher’s arsenal. With temperatures dipping below zero on a regular basis it is so much more important to minimize puddling than in sunny Tucson Arizona. Most puddles dry in a short amount of time here so what’s the big deal? It’s not like it’s going to damage the concrete… or will it?

While removing concrete over the years I have made a few observations. Concrete that has had water standing on it for it’s entire life crumbles quickly but not all standing water is the same. If the puddle is in a shady area and deeper than 1/4” it will shorten the life of the slab. If the puddle is an 1/8” deep or less and in a sunny area it will not likely shorten the life of the slab at all. A normal shallow puddle isn’t a Warranty replacement issue in AZ but if it’s a big deal to you have a conversation with your Contractor prior to the pour. Bringing it to their attention may be just enough to minimize your puddle fears.

Thank you for taking a look.

Jon Molden

BST Concrete