Some people think it’s a little strange that we don’t just send someone out to give a bid upon request. People wonder how we can give an accurate estimate over the phone. Well let’s go back to the beginning so you can understand why we stopped doing something that has become so standard in the industry.

It was January of 2017 and the phone was ringing off the hook. I was looking at 3-5 jobs a day on top of running the crew. The miles on the new truck were racking up and the fuel bill was out of hand. On top of that most of the jobs I looked at weren’t even a “good fit”. Something had to change.

After researching other methods on the internet (thank you Tom Reber) I discovered a new way. At first it was a little scary to give a bid over the phone after just looking at pics. As time went on though I realized, through thorough conversation and learning how to ask the right questions, most bids were turning out really close. I’ve found that if anything I am able to reduce price once I get out on site rather than having to give bad news. I will never go back to free estimates that are anything but free for me and drive up the cost for you.

So how can you take pics that will assure an accurate estimate? First of all I would say more is better.  Take a lot of pics and text them straight to me.  Chances are we can find all the info needed that way.

If you only have the patience to send a few follow these guidelines. Get back at a ¾ view and take a shot that gives a full overall view of the site. That way we will have more reference points we can use during our conversation.

Take close ups of any trouble areas you are concerned about. Sewer cleanouts, water pipes, gas lines, cable pedestals, etc.. may require special attention. It’s always best to to know about these things before I get to the site. If you can shoot any puddling after a good rain that is also extremely helpful information.

Get a picture of any gates that we will be coming through to do the work. If possible show the correlation between the work site and the gate. Then take another pic showing the path from the gate to the street if possible.

In addition if you want a specialty finish include a pic of the look you are after. Images found online or a pic of a neighbor’s project can be very helpful. Most people really have no idea what custom decorative concrete costs. A majority of people reconsider once they have a price range over the phone which is why it makes so much sense.

Start your Tucson project with a low pressure sales process from BST. Acquire pics and take a look at our Process at the link below:

Thank you for taking the time to read

Jon Molden