You just started to gather estimates and this Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete is standing out to you because of the great reviews. The website looks nice, the blog is very helpful and they fit your criteria for a licensed, bonded and insured company. So what is the deal with them not giving free onsite estimates? Don’t they think their potential customers are worthy of a realistic onsite bid? All the other guys do it for free!…

The other guys do it and have done it for a long time. We used to do it too but it most certainly isn’t free. It costs money to put fuel in a vehicle and send somebody out and it takes productivity away from a jobsite or the office too. It all has to be paid for by someone. In the end that someone will be the customer.

Honestly though, money isn’t even the reason why we stopped doing free onsite estimates. The real reason is time. The most valuable thing we all have is time. How we spend that time really does matter. The last thing I want to do is re-arrange your schedule and waste your time by coming out and giving you a price that doesn’t fit your budget. Especially when I know I can give you a price range really close to it over the phone.

A few years ago I was running around town burning fuel and burning all my time which kept me away from active sites and out of the office. It made it hard to keep the guys busy full time and profitability was impossible. The stress level was off the charts and my blood pressure proved it. Since implementing over the phone estimates it has been an amazing transformation. The best part is that the kids love seeing Daddy make it to their events. I will never go back to that circus again! (Thank you Contractor Fight and Tom Reber.)

Over the past three years I’ve gotten good at using pics to give really accurate over the phone estimates. Once in a while we find that the price needs to be higher after Orville sees the site but the vast majority are dead on and a few even come out lower.

Thank you so much for taking the time
Jon Molden
BST Concrete