What could possibly be better than a concrete house? I love the idea of one day building my own home with Insulated Concrete Forming. The R value of the styrofoam, combined with the strength of concrete, leaves all other options distantly in the dust in my opinion (which is very biased). So, will BST install ICF blocks and pour homes for it’s Customers?

The short answer is not at this time. I have been involved in a huge two story ICF build in the past. It was a great experience but not enough to feel comfortable training the crew. When the opportunity arises, I will send the crew to a training class, make sure they are all certified, have them build my house and then I’ll turn them loose on Customer builds.

Check back in a few years and just maybe we will be able to help you out. This is where I normally tell you to call someone who specializes in this but unfortunately, I can’t even do that at this point. My advice, reach out to your ICF Manufacturer or local Redimix dealers and see if they can help you find the qualified help you need.


Thank you for taking a look
Jon Molden
BST Concrete