Is your dog a member of the family? I know our Daisy is. Be sure to plan around having a crew in your pet’s space. Some customers choose to board their dog but it is not necessary in most cases. With extra walks during the day and proper precaution taken in the evening, your pets can stay safe right there at home. Be sure to bring up pet safety with your Contractor, the conversation has to be had. The last thing you need is an injured four legged family member…. not to mention the vet bill you could have on top of the bill for your new concrete.

Rebar is often times very sharp and just stepping on it can slice your dog’s foot wide open. I don’t know about your dog but ours loves to run at top speed for absolutely no reason.  Unfortunately metal stakes are going to be sticking out of your yard once the project starts, this can do a lot of damage to an unsuspecting pet. Orange safety fencing can be installed to keep your pet away from the hazards and give you peace of mind. It will also protect freshly poured concrete from your pet. Give your Contractor a heads up and let them know that safety has to come first for your dog. Don’t settle for a 2 star experience just to get that 3 star price.

Jon Molden