You consider yourself pretty handy. You have taken on tile projects and even struggled through some Sheetrock repair. Why wouldn’t you take on your own concrete project?Maybe you should but which concrete projects are right for you?

Concrete is a perishable product. Without practice it is difficult to make it turn out well. This is why you should not take on a large area right away. Start with screwing some 2”x2”s together, picking up a half dozen bags of premix and making a few 18” pavers. You can get the feel for the tools before getting in over your head. From here a pad for the garbage cans or a small dog kennel may be the next step.


The Homeowner of the slab pictured above was planning to recruit his wife and make it a diy project. He chose to hire it done in the end… but why? Let me go through the steps involved in this project so you can weigh it out next time you are in need of concrete.

1. Excavation-The first and possibly most important thing to consider is water flow•Pull landscape rock out of project area•shoot grade•excavate and haul off excess fill.

2. Line/Form setting-Set line proper distance from property lines•Establish one full side and one corner point•Calculate the hypotenuse•Mark opposite corner•Check measurements and square•Set and brace forms

3. Fine grade-Bring course aggregate fill in with a wheel barrow•Screed to depth•Compact•Dig Footings•Haul off excess fill•Check depth

4. Install rebar-Cut and bend rebar•Wire tie with proper overlap•Install plastic stands to elevate into concrete properly.

5. Pour/Finish Concrete-Calculate and order Concrete from supplier•Hang plastic or paper on walls to protect from splatter•Wheel barrow concrete from street•Screed concrete•Bullfloat•Edge•Tool control joints•Trowel and work joints 2-3 more times until finish is adequate•Strip forms•Sponge float sides

6. Clean up/Backfill-Wash tools•Scrape forms•Shovel dirt into place•Rake rock back. That’s actually a pretty vague description. Not to mention the tools will take time to get the hang of.

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