It’s not something you do often. In fact concrete is one of few things that lasts for 30 years or more. Take your time and make sure it gets done right the first time. Even though you will be telling yourself this list is obvious and you already knew everything on it… here it is all in one place just for you.

  1. Read online reviews. If a contractor gives you a bid and you can’t find much of an online presence… that is a red flag! Legitimate businesses encourage customer reviews online. Ask if their business has ever changed names and see if they squirm.
  2. Is the price too good to be true? You can’t expect a 5 star job for a 2 star price. You get what you pay for. You really won’t know what your local market looks like until you get a few bids. Here is the BST List of the Elite for those shopping in Tucson AZ:
  3. Can your Contractor clarify the details? Specs on concrete strength, reinforcement, standard of finish and how cracking will be controlled are all reasonable questions you can ask. Some other things a lot of people overlook include whether debris or excess fill will be removed from site and if the area will be back filled and landscape will be restored.
  4. Is a scope of work included in their proposal? Before you sign an agreement be sure the details are spelled out. The most honest of Contractors can misunderstand or make a mistake. Put in writing what is expected. It helps the Contractor have clarity and it helps your peace of mind.
  5. NEVER hire an unlicensed Contractor!! You will pay more for a Legitimate company but you will also be protected in many ways. Look for LICENSED • BONDED • AND INSURED. If you receive an estimate and find out the Contractor is unlicensed call the Registrar of Contractors and report it please.

Search to make sure your Contractor is licensed in AZ.

Thank you for taking a look.


Jon Molden

          BST Concrete