You have all your Tucson concrete bids lined up and even though you like the looks of your BST bid….the price at the bottom could be better. Here is some good news. You can save in two different ways.

-Limited time offer- The way that anyone can save is by becoming a follower on Google My Business. You will need to remain a follower for at least 14 days and continue to follow during the project. After that we hope to keep you and gain the good graces of Google by having more followers but that’s up to you.

Even though it would probably take me two hours and a favor from my wife to figure out how to become a follower on Google, the other way is a lot harder to acheive. It includes getting yelled at during basic training and an amazing amount of Character.

-The Military discount- Whether you are currently enlisted or retired show your Military I.D. at the time of your on site estimate confirmation visit for a 5% discount. Thank you for your service. This offer will always be good.

Discount offers can not be combined. I look forward to working with you!

Jon Molden
BST Concrete