Why would I need rebar in my concrete patio?

It’s just a patio. I’ll never drive a car on it. Why would this crazy Contractor want to include a rebar grid in my concrete patio? Does he think I’m made of money?

All good questions… Is this guy really crazy or does he know something about concrete that you don’t? There are a lot of concrete patios in Tucson without rebar in them. Of course your Contractor sees a whole lot of busted up patios in a year. Way more than you may notice in a lifetime.  Your Contractor also has to warranty patios that have problems. This gives him a perspective that you could never have.

Rebar doesn’t stop concrete from cracking. So what is it that the rebar actually does? Well concrete on its own is hard to the point of being brittle. We score lines into the concrete to give it a place to crack because it always does. Rebar is there to keep your concrete from moving after it breaks.

Within a few days of the pour most of the cracking that will happen already has due to the water leaving the concrete. As time goes on the cracks in the slab open and close as it expands and contracts. Cracks open, dirt falls in, the crack closes and the slab slowly walks apart.

The rebar has a definite purpose. Even though your patio will only have a 5 year warranty it is a 30 year product and when this rebar is paired with 4000 psi concrete it may still be there in 50 years. Please read more of our articles:

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