You are inviting a crew to perform work at your home. It can be a bit nerve-racking to have total strangers in your space so just in case it happens to be us…here is an introduction.


Foreman – Orville has been with us since 2016. He is super laid back, very knowledgeable and getting better with age.


Foreman – Mike has been with us since last summer. He has a low stress energy which translates into a drama free atmosphere.


Laborer/Finisher – Mike has been with us since 2012. He is the clean up authority. Your yard will look better when we leave because of Mikey.


Lead Finisher – Martin has been finishing with us since 2013. Best of the best without a doubt.


Finisher – Finishing with us since 2016, Fernando never accepts anything less than perfection.


Finisher/formsetter –  Winter time worker since 2018. Casey heads north to Alaska every Summer.


Finisher/formsetter – Ceasar has been finishing with us since 2015. Ceasar has a gear most Finishers can’t find. He’s the real deal when it comes to Finishing in the AZ heat.


Laborer – Green horn with a good heart. Roman is a youngster with a lot to learn but he is a joy to be around.


Thank you for taking a look. We look forward to working with you on your project!


Jon Molden,

BST Concrete