Most reputable companies have a minimal job size or at least a minimum price they can send a crew out for. This is calculated based on the overhead the company has. All the licensing, insurance, education and equipment adds up.

So what if you have a very small amount of concrete work and you want it done by a licensed Contractor? This can be an expensive endeavor. If you want to get the most bang for your buck you may want rethink the minimalist approach.

Do you need a path for your garbage cans? Does your patio need an extension to get the grill out from under the roof? Are you jumping a puddle on the way out to the car during Monsoon season?

The problem with ordering a small amount of concrete in Tucson AZ is that it comes with a really big partial load fee. Instead of paying $2800 for a 6’x6’ trash pad you can pay the same $2800 or slightly more for your pad plus another area you want done.

Let concrete make your life better without breaking the bank. Thank you for taking the time.


Jon Molden,

BST Concrete