You are looking to sell your home and wondering if it is worth investing in concrete. Can you expect to get your money back? Will there be a return on your investment? These are great questions that we get a lot. The problem with the answer is that it really depends on what the market looks like.

Most investments can be assessed mathematically with clear benefits showing up in the numbers. With concrete the math may be misleading. You have to consider curb appeal, comparisons and basic human psychology.

If the market is hot and houses are selling high you may not need to invest in concrete. If your driveway is in bad shape or your patio really needs to be replaced it should be weighed out though. Do you want a potential buyer to be adding up all the improvements they need to make or painting a picture in their head of the family enjoying a brand new patio?  Concrete can be the differentiator that brings the bidding war home. You may or may not have a big return on your concrete investment but you will bring the appeal to make the deal.

If the housing market is cold and saturated people start to think about the long term investment. An asphalt driveway may appeal to some. For other more experienced home buyers, however, it will bring visions of mopping the annual black coating on a product with a short life expectancy. The longevity and low maintenance of a new concrete driveway will bring comfort and confidence in the purchase.

Now envision yourself pulling up in front of the house to see it in person for the first time. How important is curb appeal in your family’s decision? Not many improvements will make as big of a psychological impact as a brand new properly installed driveway. A positive first impression will carry over into the entirety of the tour.  Of course an improperly finished driveway with fresh cracks will have an impact too so pick a reputable Contractor.

As you can see there are reasons to shell out the big bucks for concrete but don’t expect to see a big return in the usual way. Thank you for taking the time to read. Shoot me a text anytime with your concrete questions (520)288-2380.


Jon Molden

BST Concrete