You are ready. You have wanted to start a concrete project for quite some time and you finally have the time and resources to get it done. Now to get a few estimates and get on a schedule.

Most concrete companies you call in Tucson are going to provide you with either a verbal price or a written estimate based on a square foot price. You won’t receive a lot of options just a price which gives your Contractor full control of what is poured. Most people never know anything about the options available.

At BST you will often receive a verbal price range over the phone. If that price meets your budget it will be followed by two written estimates. People often ask what the difference is between their two BST estimates other than price. I advise printing them for a side by side comparison. I often say the higher priced estimate is written as I would want it done at my house. Even though it comes with a 5 year warranty it is designed to be a 50+ year product. The lower priced option is the absolute least amount we can do your job for and still feel comfortable offering a 2 year warranty.

Here are the differences you will be looking for in your estimates:

concrete psi of 3000 vs 4000,

Rebar, mesh and fiber

Random Sweat, broom or specialty finishes

Warranty options of 2 or 5 years

Given the longevity of properly placed concrete, you will most likely have very few projects in your lifetime. Make sure you know what your options are. Our introduction emails are designed to help you form an opinion of what is important to you. Please take the time to click the links and inform yourself no matter who you end up hiring in the end.

Concrete is forever….

Do it right the first time with Blood, Sweat &Tears!

Jon Molden