You may have read a blog article lately claiming concrete is supposed to make life better…

In a world of I-phones, apps, virtual reality and gadgets of every sort it’s hard to believe something as primitive as concrete could actually make your life better. Do you have an area in your yard that could benefit from concrete?

Tucson’s Monsoon season is here… will you be tracking mud inside? Whether you are hopping puddles between your car and the house or you have to take the long way around when bringing your garbage can to the street…. Concrete makes it better!

Are the kids spending too much time on electronic devices? Obesity and diabetes are hitting at earlier ages than ever. With a pad in the back yard they can be shooting hoops or skating to keep active and healthy. That is way better!

It’s hot in Tucson now so you won’t be spending a lot of time out in the yard with the family for a while. This may be the perfect time to transform your space with a fire pit the family can bond around in the cooler months. Concrete really can transform not only your space but also the way you interact with those closest to you. Because of that I would say Concrete most certainly can make life better.


Thank you for taking a look

Jon Molden