You have waited for what seems like forever to get your concrete work done. Now at the last minute something came up and you can’t be home!!! Will you have to reschedule the project for 6 months from now? Not if you hire the right company…

We have several customers who live more than half of the year  out of state. Some we have never even met in person. They like that we can get in the yard and make the improvements so when they get home it’s ready to use. That is the benefit of hiring a mainstream, fully licensed, bonded and insured company. We have a reputation we have spent a great deal of time building. We take time hiring and are always looking out for our clientelle.

In today’s web-centric society reviews make or break companies. Look for a web presence before hiring a Contractor. Pretty much anyone who is in it for the long run is going to be all over the internet. Look at the reviews and take time to call a reference or two. Even though your brother in law may have had a good experience with  a handyman he met in the neighborhood, think it through and think about your legal recourse if something goes wrong. Here is a blog article covering a few horror stories our customers have shared over the years.

Don’t let your project stress you out. Concrete is supposed to make lift better. Take your time and enjoy the peace of mind a reputable company can bring.


Thank you for taking a look

Jon Molden
Blood Sweat & Tears Concrete