It’s just a small patio but you have big plans to enjoy it. The Contractor made an appointment to come out quickly and had a way with words but was a little vague about the timeframe and the particulars of the project. What you do know now is your project should get started in 2 weeks! Way better than the 2 months most of the big, expensive guys were booked out to.

Good news! One week later you get a phone call. Your concrete project can start early. This is so awesome! You can start planning the party…

A one-man crew comes out, excavates, and sets the forms over the course of 4 partial days in the next week and a half. After you have made your second payment you are told not to expect concrete for at least two weeks because of the cement shortage? 3 weeks later you are still waiting. Is this really the way it is supposed to happen? What the heck is going on here? This guy seemed really cool?

Time after time I hear this story and it’s not only Concrete Contractors but many different trades that drag work out like this. I can’t speak for the Contractors that operate this way, but I can tell you it most certainly doesn’t have to go down like that.

I suspect the biggest culprit is the mindset problems with most Contractors out there. As many of my friends in the trades have told me over the years “I can only charge so much! Nobody will pay more than that” as they lose money year after year and steal from Peter to finish Paul’s job. Constantly flirting with bankruptcy, they are forever in search of the next installment that is going to make it all better. It’s lunacy!

Even we flirted with disaster at one point trying to defy logic and mathematics by matching competitor pricing. It didn’t go well. Check out our run in with the going rate at the BST blog:

The math required to run any business has no room to bend with an imaginary concept like the going rate. Every company has a little different overhead, wage structure, insurance/benefit program and warranty system to take into consideration. As time goes on the companies that take the time to really dig in and understand the numbers realize the going rate is for fools.

“Life is hard… but it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

-John Wayne-

Once we set a date to start your project, we do everything we can to be there on schedule. Once the project starts, we will be sticking around to finish it. We did the math ahead of time. Oh and by the way… if you have a warranty issue a few months down the road… we will schedule and get that taken care of in a timely manner as well.

Thank you for taking a look.

Jon Molden

BST Concrete